Culinary delights

Hearty, varied and tempting

This land full of variety is also reflected in the cuisine of the Hotel Savoy. A range of delights, hearty delicacies, tasty morsels and sweet temptations conjured up from the contents of Mother Nature’s pantry. The 5-course Savoy gourmet dinner offers a large à la carte choice and a selection of fitness and health-orientated dishes. The extensive buffet of tempting antipasti including freshly prepared carpaccio, tasty fish hors d’oeuvres and around 20 different salads with a selection of fine olive oils and the varied cheeseboard are the best guarantee of an evening devoted to the pleasures of the palate.

Special delicacies

Enjoy the creative cuisine of our gourmet chef

The creative cuisine of our head chef, Freddy Nagler, offers a different culinary adventure every day. At the Savoy the menu isn’t simply a rotation, but every evening has a different menu, full of precious vitamins. The Savoy kitchen places great value on the fact that no glutamates or flavour enhancers are used in the preparation of our dishes. Instead we use fresh herbs and local products which are full of fresh flavours. To retain the valuable vitamins in our meat, we use a cooking technique called “Sous-vide”. We will also gladly cater to individual tastes and special diets such as lactose intolerance or gluten-free dishes. Add to this the weekly culinary highlights with an elegant candlelit dinner, delicious dessert buffet and wine tasting in the hotel’s wine cellar (extra charge). At the Savoy all our pasta dishes are homemade. Our team of chefs lovingly transform the finest ingredients into delicious dishes based on pasta. Variety is our watchword.

Freddy Nagler

A magic formula in five letters

The man is constantly on the lookout. When Freddy Nagler has a day off or goes on holiday he tries to improve his skills. Recently, for example, he spent time with Europe’s youngest 3-Star Michelin chef, Andreas Caminada in Switzerland. The philosophy of Andreas Caminada’s cooking craft is simple: “Food should be a sensory journey that leaves a lasting impression”. Just like Andreas Caminada, head chef Freddy Nagler likes to work with simple, well-known products, using them in such exciting and unexpected ways that you never think something was lacking. In his spare time Nagler loves looking around markets. The stalls with fruit and vegetables, meat and fish all get his careful attention. He’s searching for quality. It appears that Freddy Nagler is in his element at the gourmet Hotel Savoy in Selva. Here the magic formula has five letters: F-R-E-S-H. For us, the use of fresh products is an absolute must.