"From the farm to the platter" - It's all about the basic ingredients

At the Savoy Dolomites & Luxury SPA Hotel, your enjoyment is our top priority. And that's something that Senior Chef Freddy Nagler and his team are committed to providing. During the intermediate season, we had a talk with Nagler and would like to share our findings with you.


Question: "Mr. Nagler, what is your culinary philosophy?"

Freddy Nagler: "In my mind, two things are essential for excellent cuisine: Good ingredients and the quickest possible processing. Here at the Savoy Dolomites & Luxury SPA Hotel, we strive for both. We purchase our raw products chiefly from regional farmers and small businesses and also place a great deal of importance on being able to clearly trace the origins of our ingredients all the way back to the source."

Question: "Where, for example, do you make your purchases?"

Freddy Nagler: "We purchase chiefly organic products from local farmers. For example, the meat comes from a farmstead in Barbiano, the yoghurt and cheese are from an agricultural undertaking in Gardena. Vegetables, salads, and herbs are likewise obtained from local farmers. The buffalo mozzarella and olive oil come from Central Italy – but the important thing is that we always purchase from smaller farmsteads because they pay more attention to quality. That costs more, but the superior taste is worth it."

Question: "Do you use only organic products?"

Freddy Nagler: "Whenever it's possible, we use organic products and try to avoid purchasing, e.g., endangered fish. Of course, it isn't always possible to employ exclusively organic products – but whenever it's possible, we do it."

Question: "What is your approach with regards to processing the ingredients?"

Freddy Nagler: "We try to process the ingredients as quickly as possible so as to retain all of the vitamins and flavors. We employ the sous-vide method to heat the ingredients as gently as possible. This allows us to prepare dishes with a maximum of flavor and quality."

Question: "Thank you for the interview."