If hands could talk…

An interview with Claudia Schwarz, a certified beautician in Germany and a spa employee at the Savoy Dolomites for 10 years.


Editor: "Claudia, I come to you as a stressed workaholic. What can you recommend?"

Claudia Schwarz: "I'd definitely recommend a Silberquarzit massage; it will transport you to another world, far away from your day-to-day stress and it is very calming. Silver Quartzite is a primitive rock from South Tyrol and is used to activate the energy points and melt tension. The circular movements have an anti-bacterial and healing effect. This is accompanied by primal music and fragrances, which transport you to a different plane for a while. It's important to rest afterwards and not to do any mental work. A special tea at the end will make you sweat."

Editor: "On a beautiful sunny day in the stunning Dolomite Mountains I'll get a good dose of vitamin D. Is there anything that I should be careful of?"

Claudia Schwarz: "First and foremost it's important to use a sunscreen cream to protect your skin. After a sunny day outdoors, I recommend a "Rosalpina Massage" to my guests. Alpine rose increases the skin's natural barriers and activates the vitality of the stem cells. Mountain pine, arnica and St John's wort oils give the treatment an alpine flair. We use natural products, exclusively produced in South Tyrol. For the face, I'd especially recommend a lovely facial treatment from Piroche Cosmetiques. We choose the type of oil to use according to the guest's skin type"

Editor: "What are the most common problems that you treat in the La Saliga Spa?"

Claudia Schwarz: "A tense back is a big problem for many people. The special "Dorsalis" treatment helps in these cases. The Resonance massage helps for back problems by giving deep massage relaxation, through a combination of releasing massage techniques, warmth and ancient cupping techniques that gently release knots in the muscles. This is particularly effective in combination with the Vitalsound bowls with their vibrations, which help to release mental tension."

Editor: "What do you recommend especially in the winter?"

Claudia Schwarz: "After a day on the slopes I can recommend an alpine mud and mountain pine bath in the Vitalis steam bath. The EU patented Vitalis bath is a combined heat and steam treatment. It releases steam in particularly small molecules and this micro-mist is the ideal carrier for alpine extracts. After skiing, a vigorous leg massage is also particularly relaxing for the muscles. A Hot Stone massage is warming in the winter and I also recommend it to relax and revitalise tired muscles."

Editor: "Is there anything special on offer for couples?"

Claudia Schwarz: "Yes, in our Private Spa you can enjoy some quality time together for 120 minutes. You'll get exclusive use of our private steam room with an orange-salt scrub, you can take a relaxing bath in our Crystal tub and then relax on the waterbed with champagne and strawberries."

Editor: "I'd like to take something home with me. Have you got any tips?"

Claudia Schwarz: "I can highly recommend the chestnut and mint Gel from Vitalis for tired legs. We also sell a lot of the arnica and St- John's wort salve, as well as the line of sun protection from Piroche which people like a lot."

Editor: "Thank you for speaking to us"

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