Val Gardena railway tunnel – a journey into the past

Come in and explore the tunnel – you will be fascinated!


A walk along the old railway line in Val Gardena is at the same time a journey into the past. Step through the large cast-iron gate and immerse yourself in the history of Val Gardena. All the ingredients for an exciting adventure are there: a long tunnel through the rocks, impressive lighting, the sound of dripping water, lime deposits on the rock and relics of the old Val Gardena railway ("Ferata de Gherdëina").

The Val Gardena railway was built in just 5 months by 6000 Russian prisoners of war and was first used in 1917 to transport war goods. It went along the whole valley, past farms and villages. After the Second World War, it was used for tourism and for transporting the woodcarvings of the Val Gardena for delivery abroad.

On 29th May 1960 the Val Gardena railway was closed down. In the last few years, the railway line has been converted into a beautiful promenade, rich in history, with several children’s playgrounds and viewpoints over the Val Gardena.

The tunnel under the Parish Church of St. Christina was restored in 2017 and made accessible to the public.

In the tunnel you can retrace the history of the Val Gardena railway. Detailed descriptions and the Ladin song "La Ferata" are a great help.

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