Crystal bath

Bathing on a whole new dimension with music, lights and magnetic waves.
bookable in hotel


Bathing will take on a whole new dimension with music, coloured lights and magnetic waves. Whether alone or in company, the Crystal bath is a wonderful way to relax.

Dive into a world of tones and experience the music of your choice, crystal clear. The bath tub has no loudspeakers, the bathtub is a loudspeaker! During the bath the water takes on the vibrations of the music and the bather feels the tones in every fibre of their body. Atmospheric lighting accompanies the bath, and the coloured light therapy pampers the soul.

The harmonising energy of a magnetic field is the final element of the bath. The combination of all these revitalising energies in a relaxation bath is unique throughout the world. In combination with the feeling of well-being given by the music, there is an extremely effective micro-massage off all the cells, organs and body parts and the psyche is positively influenced. The entire motor and sensory functions of the bather are noticeably improved. In short, a panacea for the soul.