Well-being for your body

Revitalising, harmonising and relaxing

Let go and relax. Bring your body into balance, listen to your inner self and feel good. Feel the power of soothing herbs; feel weightless and free.

With our wide range of body care treatments we have all you need. A large choice of baths gives us the possibility to meet your needs exactly, whether with a seaweed bath, a relaxing bath or a bath for athletes. We also offer various baths with South Tyrolean herbs which stimulate the senses: hay flowers and juniper or arnica and St John’s wort are only a small part of our wide beauty offer. A variety of body wraps and scrubs will leave you energised and radiant. Seaweed wraps, body wraps and body scrubs are good for your skin and you can recharge your batteries.


Special baths for your well-being
Piroche Cosmétiques

Dive into a 20 minute bath with an exquisite mix of essential oils. The aromatherapy and cosmetic properties of the essential oils have their greatest benefits in the warm water, giving outstanding results for your beauty and wellbeing.

Piroche Cosmétiques relaxing bath
A bath which is especially good for the body subjected to muscular and tissue stress, thanks to the relaxing effects of the essential oils.
Essential oils used: pine, lavender, sweet orange, bitter orange and summer savory

Piroche Cosmétiques reinvigoration bath
A mix of 8 essential oils which work together to give a reinvigorating, purifying and stimulating effect.
Essential oils used: thyme, lavender, rosemary, lemon, sage, eucalyptus, nutmeg and geranium

Piroche Cosmétiques energetic bath
A bath with a toning effect for the tissue, it gives a sensation of freshness and energy.
Essential oils used: mint, lemon, rosemary, lavender and thyme

Piroche Cosmétiques draining bath
A bath with a detoxifying effect, which aids the elimination of water from the subcutaneous tissue. Ideal for getting rid of flaws caused by water retention.
Essential oils used: pine thyme, lemon and geranium

Alpine Healthcare© - Alpine health baths

Hay flowers & juniper bath - relax & vigor
Feel reborn, relaxed, stronger. Select medicinal herbs harvested from high-altitude meadows of the South Tyrolean Alps and the magical power of mountain juniper will help you melt away the fatigue of an intense day.

Swiss stone pine & wild thyme bath - aktiv & detox
Detoxify and peacefully relax your body. Wild thyme stimulates the skin’s regeneration and enhances dermal blood circulation. The balancing effect of Swiss stone pine strengthens your skin and allows total relaxation.

Arnica & st. johns wort bath - regeneration & aktiv
Let yourself absorb the toning force of the "flowers of the sun". This curative bath provides new energy to tired joints and muscles. The powerful combination of active ingredients of Arnica and Hypericum helps remove stress and melt away tension.

Alpine mud & mountain pine bath - detox
An absolute wellness "must" for those who love Alpine traditions. The scent of Swiss mountain pine is unmistakably alpine, and in combination with fine-grained natural sediments it helps body detoxination through the skin. It also has a toning and strengthening action – an excellent starting point for a beautiful and healthy skin.

Alpine Healthcare© - Alpine beauty baths

Apple & rose hip bath - beauty & enjoy
Pamper your skin with a fruity and sensual beauty bath. Apples abound in vitamins, mineral substances, pectin and waxes. This makes it the ideal fruit for skin regeneration and treatment. By combining apple with the precious rose hip, skin cell regeneration is considerably improved and dehydration significantly reduced. The skin’s elasticity is restored.

Grape seed oil & sea buckthorn bath - beauty & regeneration
All-round regeneration – enjoy your skin’s new sensations. The bath with wine and Sea buckthorn, a cocktail of vitamins, combined with carotenoids, palmitic acids and procyanidins, protects your skin against oxidation-related stress and leave it feeling wonderfully silky-smooth.

Marigold & Chamomile bath - beauty & enjoy
Treat yourself to a special treatment for deteriorated skin. Calendula and chamomile activate cell regeneration and have a soothing effect on irritated skin: the complexion acquires new freshness; dry skin regains smoothness and radiates new splendour.

Body treatments

Body treatments in our beauty & spa department
Piroche Cosmétiques

Bioenergetic body treatment (ca. 55 min.)
Bring your body back into balance. After an intensive purification of the tissue, your skin is strengthened and revitalised. Energy blocks are flushed. You will love your new vitality and energy.

Bioenergetic back treatment (ca. 55 min.)
Relaxation for muscles and tissue. Essential oils support the easing of tense muscles. A warming seaweed pack ensures a lasting sense of well-being.

Body peeling (ca. 20 min.)
A gentle full-body massage with energy-giving cream and fine micro-particles that pamper your skin. Dead skin cells are gently sloughed away, leaving your skin feeling like velvet and silk.

Bioenergetic anti-cellulite treament (ca. 55 min.)
Following the principle of warm and cold, water and fat are reduced. Tissue is intensively detoxified, strengthened and firmed.

Bioenergetic leg treatment (ca. 55 min.)
For visibly thinner and lighter legs. A cooling seaweed pack provides the body with important minerals and nutrients and firms the skin. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness.

Body packs

Relaxation for your body
Piroche Cosmétiques

Piroche Cosmétiques seaweed pack (ca. 25 min.)
We wrap you in a comfortable warm mixture of seaweed, white clay and essential oils. A cocktail of minerals and nutrients for the skin and completely relaxing for the body.

  • Relaxing seaweed pack for the deep relaxation of body and mind.
  • Yin and Yang seaweed pack for intensively revitalised and firmed skin.

Body wrap by Piroche
An excellent treatment for cellulite or heavy legs. Through a combination of essential oils and active plant extracts, the draining and firming effects of this partial body wrap is especially good for the treatment of cellulite. For heavy and tired legs we offer a specially selected mixture of essential oils, which, in combination with a special wrap method, have a draining effect on the tissue. The legs have a wonderful feeling of lightness.

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