Well-being for your body

Revitalising, harmonising and relaxing

Let go and relax. Bring your body into balance, listen to your inner self and feel good. Feel the power of soothing herbs; feel weightless and free.

With our wide range of body care treatments we have all you need. A large choice of baths gives us the possibility to meet your needs exactly, whether with a seaweed bath, a relaxing bath or a bath for athletes. We also offer various baths with South Tyrolean herbs which stimulate the senses: hay flowers and juniper or arnica and St John’s wort are only a small part of our wide beauty offer. A variety of body wraps and scrubs will leave you energised and radiant. Seaweed wraps, body wraps and body scrubs are good for your skin and you can recharge your batteries.


Special baths for your well-being
Crystal bath

Colour – Sound – Magnet
Atmospheric lighting accompanies the bath. While bathing, the water transmits the vibrations and the bather can feel the music in unimagined intensity. The harmonising energy of the built-in energy field completes the experience.

A personalised bath with Dead Sea salt enriched with essential oils

  • Rose - has a relaxing and balancing effect
  • Orange - lifts the mood and gives you a zest for life
  • Mountain pine - relieves muscle and joint pain

20 min - €40
2 people - €50

Body treatments

Body treatments in our beauty & spa department

Straightforward Body Modification - Innovative Cellulite Program
With seaweed bath: 80 min
Experience a unique and effective cellulite treatment: cupping treatment in combination with efficient natural ingredients for a long-term and visible alleviation of the signs of cellulite. Unique features of this treatment include an activating foot bath, an invigorating body exfoliation, a stimulating cupping treatment and a modulated cellulite massage. To reinforce the effects, we recommend that you combine the cellulite program with a seaweed bath for extra hydration and metabolic activation. The very definition of full-body care!
50 min - €76
with wrap 80 min - €90

Optimal Purity - Full-Body Scrub with Apricot Pits & Hay Extracts
The gentle, efficient, organic body scrub with hayflower extracts and ground apricot pits cleanses the skin deep into the pores and makes it appear clearer and brighter.

Intensive softness - Full-Body Aroma Salt Scrub
This full-body scrub with aromatic massage oil and salt from the Dead Sea supports the rejuvenation of your skin, promotes tissue metabolism, and makes your skin silky smooth. For an intense, fresh feeling.
25 min - €40

Body packs

Relaxation for your body
Body Wrap

Deep Alpine Strength - Detoxifying Bath with Alpine Mud
A “wellness must” for lovers of alpine tradition. The alpine mud smells distinctively alpine. In combination with natural sediments, it works to detoxify the body through the skin - both invigorating and restorative. Deep, strong care, natural and powerful.
25 min - €40
with massage 50 min - € 75

Bundled Energy - With Arnica & St. John's Wort
Feel the invigorating power of sun plants. This health wrap brings new fitness to your tired joints and muscles. The power of the active ingredients, arnica and St. John's wort, reduces stress, relieves tension, and supports the performance of your muscles.
25 min - €40
with massage 50 min - € 75

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