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Massages are about touch and that is why they are so beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing. In ancient times, people were aware of the healing powers of massage and they have perfected methods over the centuries to make this, in the broadest sense, one of the oldest remedies of mankind.

We recommend that you book the appointments for your treatments at the same time as you book your room. The Savoy Beauty Team is available every day from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm.


Full-body massage with Piroche Cosmétiques essential oils  (ca. 50 min.)
A classic massage with exquisite bio-aromas from Piroche Cosmétiques. These are specially personalised to your needs and wishes (relaxing and calming, revitalising, firming or invigorating).

Partial massage with Piroche Cosmétiques essential oils (ca. 25 min.)
A classic partial massage with exquisite bio-aromas from Piroche Cosmétiques. These are specially personalised to your needs and wishes (relaxing and calming, revitalising, firming or invigorating). This massage allows the particularly intensive treatment of specific body areas.

Face, décolleté and neck massage (ca. 25 min.)
A very enjoyable massage with bio-aromas from Piroche. The face, décolleté and neck are gently massaged. This massage is both relaxing and toning for the skin.

Esthetical massages

Hay flowers & juniper - relax & vigor (ca. 25 - 50 min.)
Hay flowers and juniper extract relax and strengthen your body. This alpine massage gives a feeling of real pleasure, and leaves you with new strength and vitality.

Wild thyme & Swiss stone pine - active & detox (ca. 25 - 50 min.)
Wild thyme and Swiss stone pine extracts tone and detoxify your body. You’ll enjoy a feeling of repose and regeneration as this alpine massage will leave your skin refreshed and your nerves strengthened.

Arnica & St John’s wort - regeneration & active (ca. 25 - 50 min.)
Arnika & St. John’s wort regenerate and stimulate body and senses. This alpine massage is not just a balm for the soul, but also gives new energy to tired joints and muscles.

Mountain pine & Scots pine - detox (ca. 25 - 50 min.)
Mountain pine & Scots pine purify and detoxify your body. This wonderfully alpine-scented massage stimulates and strengthens the circulation, ensuring a healthy complexion.

Calendula & Camomile - beauty & enjoy (ca. 25 - 50 min.)
Calendula & Camomile are the ideal cure for chapped or irritated skin. Treat yourself to this alpine beauty massage, which calms and regenerates.

Apple & Rosehip - beauty & enjoy (ca. 25 - 50 min.)
Apple & Rosehip, special care for mature skin. This alpine beauty massage gives your skin elasticity and new freshness.

Grapeseed oil & Sea buckthorn - beauty & regeneration (ca. 25 - 50 min.)
Grapeseed oil & Sea buckthorn, a vitamin cocktail for your skin. Slip into a new feeling for your skin, and experience the antioxidant effect of these gentle oils.

Hot Stone Massage (ca. 50 min.)
The Hot Stone Massage is an ancient Asian massage technique, performed with volcanic stones (basalt) which are heated in water. The warmed stones are placed on the body’s energy points and Tibetan herbal healing oil is applied to the rest of the body. The volcanic stones have many benefits. Their mineral content has a beneficial effect on the balance of body and mind. Their warmth relaxes the muscles and reduces stress, tensions and tiredness. They induce the dilation of the blood vessels, stimulate the metabolism and improve the blood circulation, providing the cells and tissues with more oxygen and helping to eliminate toxins.

Silver Quarzite – Primordial Stone Massage

A unique treasure of South Tyrol

In comparison with other natural stones, it possesses a high level of thermal conductibility; a medical assessment has actually classified Silver Quarzite as "belonging to the group of medical minerals". Contrary to normal basaltic stones, silver quarzite is particularly rich in silicon.

This primordial substance, which is important for all living beings, tonifies connective tissue, increases efficiency and deacidifies the body. Additionally, the positive dermatological properties of silver quarzite are a veritable concentrate of strength: a series of precious minerals such as muscovite and extremely rare precious stones such as zircon, titanium and rutile make it an ideal instrument for energetic massages – the considerable ability of silver quarzite to emanate warmth and stimulate the metabolism and digestion has been scientifically proven.

This wonderful primordial stone massage has been introduced with success in our Beuty&SPA “La Saliga”. Teens, adults and also over 50 guest like this new invention. Associated with the ritual of fumigation practiced with the South Tyrol incense tree, and the mystic chants especially composed, the massage ritual is incredibly relaxing and leads to a state of deep calm. The special floral essences extracted from wild herbs and Alpine vegetal oils that possess a heating action are chosen according to the teachings of popular South Tyrol tradition; additionally, they stimulate the metabolism, activating the body's self-healing powers. Direct testimony indicates that the action on the individual of this authentic massage involves a practice that can range from "extremely relaxing" to "very corroborating".

Experience the enormous energy of this prehistoric rock! Our specialized wellness team will be always there for you for information and good advises.

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