Comforting warmth and relaxing scents

Wellness and Spa in Val Gardena

Our Sauna area offers a range of possibilities to purify and regenerate the body, spirit and soul. Saunas of different temperatures or the relaxing steam bath will stimulate you, and then you can cool off and relax with an inspiring view of the Dolomites of Val Gardena.

A holiday for the soul – try, experience, enjoy. Immerse yourself in a world of comforting warmth and wonderful scents – in the sauna of the Savoy Dolomites Luxury Spa Hotel in Selva Gardena you’ll find your heart’s desire. In the sweat room you’ll feel the healing and restorative effect of heat. The Turkish steam bath, the Fir “Brechelbad” sauna with a temperature of 50°C and the oriental Rasulbad give your body a new sensation of well-being. The warming Kneipp bath and refreshing rock cave provide a welcome change and activate all the senses in the Savoy spa hotel in Selva Gardena.

Rose Sauna

The aromatic scent of roses vitalizes both body and spirit. The moist heat and the finely rose-scented steam are imbued with the natural essences which influence your well-being. You'll feel free, relaxed, and comfortable. You'll be engulfed by the powerful scent of roses, and you'll sense new energy filling you. The essential oils of the rose have a soothing effect upon your body and soul. The scent of roses harmonizes your emotions, calms your nerves, and brightens your mood.

Finnish Sauna

With its changing stimuli of high and low temperatures, the sauna offers mental and physical relaxation, creates a variety sensations, boosts performance and helps release waste products and toxins from the body. The entire cardiovascular system as well as other metabolic functions greatly benefit from sauna therapy.

Kneipp foot therapy pool

Foot therapy pool are individual Kneipp pools. Unlike the Kneipp pool, where you are actively moving, the foot warming pools invite you to just relax and get comfortable with your feet in warm water.

Turkish Steam bath

In our steam bath we vaporize essential oils from medicinal plants. Through the skin and respiratory tracts these essences reach the organism and produce a pleasant effect. The perfect combination of humidity and warmth helps reduce excessive muscular tension. Physical relaxation in turn produces a calming effect on the nervous system. The humid warmth penetrates deep into the tissue, increases blood circulation in all organs and induces agreeable processes.

Fir bath "Brechelbad" 50°C

The special sauna stove vaporizes herbal essences that pass through a metal basket at the ceiling, filled with pine cones and branches. The herbal essence is vaporized automatically at short intervals. The vapour rises to the ceiling and is pressed down along the walls to your back. The release of essential oils invigorates your entire organism. The various refreshing and soothing ingredients reach the body through the skin and respiratory organs. They stimulate your organism and help harmonize mind, body and spirit. You can breathe deeply and feel released and renewed. A pleasant feeling for the entire being.

Cold air cave

Our cooling and fresh air room is the perfect place to cool down after enjoying the various beauty and wellness applications. Proper cool-down in this temperature controlled environment activates your senses.

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